Landun culture

landun Values:

Customer first, words must be done

Entrepreneurship, mass innovation

Pursuit of simplicity, self-correction

Equal rewards and punishments

Understand tolerance, fight together

landun Liability:

Strive to change the quality of life of the Blue Shield people

Helping to enhance the image of Chinese manufacturing

Strive to realize the determination of the industry to rejuvenate the country

Strive to be a customer-recognized company

Landun  Factory Training:

Do things rigorously

Honest and honest

Mutual respect and empathy

Knowing grace, we must understand the pictorial

Business philosophy:

No one, no one, no one, no one.

People are quick, I am fine, I am very good.

Products such as children, such as girlfriends

Colleagues like brothers work like battlefields

Business objectives:

Create industry benchmarks

Be a brand trusted by customers

Do our best to create a industry

Dear curing equipment manufacturer