High Quality Quartz UV Tungsten Lamp Tube UV Iodine Tungsten Lamp

UVtang UV lamps are hand-crafted from the highest quality GE quartz materials. From our comprehensive selection, we can provide the best alternative to the original brand manufacturer. In addition, we can design a lamp to meet a customer's specific requirements if required.
The printing plate lamp is also called high pressure gas discharge lamp, commonly known as iodine gallium lamp.The printing plate lamp is made of quartz tubing, which is filled with gallium-containing iodide and some rare metal iodides.The lamp can be divided into a normal type and a quick start type depending on the use.

8KW UV lamp frequency conversion power supply UV EPS

D30 series woodworking special UV frequency conversion power supply is a high-tech product specially developed by our company for woodworking industry UV curing equipment. It has compact structure, powerful function, flexible control and excellent performance, it is a high-performance UV power supply that can completely replace uv AC transformer + capacitor. Its 18KHz high-frequency square wave output and high-speed IGBT and soft switch start system, phase balance technology, self-test and circuit protection technology, power amplitude modulation technology, microcontroller dynamic control technology and other technologies.

Laboratory proofing portable blue UV curing machine

Portable uv curing machine, with high efficiency and energy saving, advanced function, small size, light weight, high reliability and stability and many advantages by the majority of customers choose.
It can provide 365nm high wave length, specially designed for UV glue, UV ink and paint fast curing.

Desktop standard spot printing UV curing machine

The principle of UV curing is that ultraviolet rays are irradiated with special glue to cause polymerization of the glue to solidify.Different sizes of cured articles require different sizes of curing machines.Portable style, desktop case style, hanging style for industrial production, and large curing machine for large items.The speed adjustment drive keeps the speed of the conveyor belt uniform under different loads of UV machine.

About landun

Dongguan Landun Electromechanical Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in UV curing equipment for more than ten years. The company is located at No. 10 Wusha Xing 2nd Road, Chang'an Town, Dongguan City. The company is a global professional manufacturer of UV curing equipment integrating R&D, production and sales. More than 50 employees, nearly 100 sets of advanced production equipment. A large number of engineering and technical management personnel at all levels have gathered nearly 30 people. The company covers an area of 5,000 square meters. The total construction area is 3,000 square meters. "Blue Shield Electromechanical" constantly improves the reserve of ...